Wednesday, March 25, 2015

More New Crap.

Hi all,
It's just me, posting again. I'm trying to get some stuff posted in my Etsy shop. It's starting to pile up. I enjoy making it but not prepping it for the shop. This Photoshop CC app is sooo slow. I'm sure I just need more memory for my NEW computer. Maybe then, I wouldn't find it so annoying. 
I've been busy spring cleaning. Everything is coming along nicely. Today, I just feel blah. No reason really. Just blah. Maybe I'll fry some chicken for dinner. That always makes me happy.  I love fried chicken. Of course, being diabetic, I have to be careful. So, I make my seasoning mix with all my spices and substitute a cup of flour for coconut flour. It's surprisingly good and it doesn't jack up my glucose level. Enough whimsical nonsense. You can find this crap in my Etsy shop.

There's a bit more of each in my shop. Hope you're all having a great week.


Monday, March 23, 2015

Live Simply Collection and a Quickie for You

Hi all,
It's been beautiful here. My allergies are driving me crazy but at least we have enjoyable weather. Wish I could say the same for everyone but alas, the weather's been crazy. We've been told we only have a year of water left. Fourth year in a terrible drought is taking it's toll on our water supply. Hard to believe when we live right next to the Pacific ocean! Anyway, I didn't want to go outside and play much so I made that kit I've been promising. I also made a paper pack, set of stamps, and a quickie for all of you. I'm calling this collection my colored ink saver, lol. You can find everything here in my ETSY shop.

Enjoy, Pam

Thursday, March 19, 2015

More Cool Stuff at Etsy!

Hi everyone!
I've been either extra busy or not feeling so hot. Today, will be a good day. Busy but good. I have over the past few days, added more masks, overlays and brushes to my shop. Here is a sneak peak. To see all you can visit me in my Etsy shop.

I'm hoping to have a little time next week to make a page kit. Since my boys have both moved out I am turning one room into my craft room, plus, lots of veggie seeds to plant, the grass is growing like crazy, Today, I am helping Pop. But I'll get there. Have a great Thursday!